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Kathryn Fox


Sunday newspapers are a “male preserve”, study finds

Kathryn Fox writes on a new report suggesting that women are under-represented in weekend sports reporting.

UEA to mark 50th Anniversary with festival celebrations

Kathryn Fox reports on UEA's plans to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Cyber bulling reaches new low

Two girls rate their school class based entirely on looks. Has cyber bulling reached a new low?

Union ‘megashop’ planned

There are plans to merge the UFO and Paper Shop to tackle the large Union deficit.

Giant panda set for extinction

A new study conducted by researchers in the US has predicted that climate change could leave giant pandas struggling to survive.

UEA researcher develops natural landscape app

Sarah Taigel, a UEA PhD student from the School of Environmental Sciences has utilised advances in technology to develop an educational app.