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Death by Numbers

One two, one two, me and you, We are caught in a ladder of numbers: the years roll out and scroll up. Watch them pass us...
Annie Tomkins

Caffeine and Cocoa

“What would you like?” Daniel asked. Will grinned. “Can I push my luck and ask for one of those deluxe hot chocolates?” “You won’t have any...

I, who watches

I have not a coin in my purse, but this weighs as no consequence. Nor am I a lonely man, hence I am rich...
Wikimedia Commons, alipourvaghour

I Can’t Watch Inception Anymore

I have written about JJ before, and I’ve spoken about him too. In public, at an open mic night. I thought that would have...
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His name was Hans and he gave me red wine. The apartment was pristine, mostly white with a few loud splatters of red paintings....

A Boy At The Bar

All I have to do is say ‘Hi’. He’s not going to stab you, is he? No, you idiot. Right, just go up there...