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Hinkley Point. Photo: Geograph

Britain strikes nuclear energy deal with China

EDF Energy and China General Nuclear Power Corporation have reached an agreement to build a new nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point, Somerset. The plant...
Crops, Wikimedia, Andrea_Booher

Time to embrace GM crops?

Last week I came across a documentary on Netflix called GMO OMG; living in a house full of science students it made for an...
The jabs will replace the pill for some. Photo: Wiki Commons, Ceridwen.

NHS launches do-it-yourself contraceptive jab

A DIY contraceptive jab is being offered free to women by the NHS for the first time. The injection, called Sayana Press works by...
Zeiss Microscopy Neuron. Photo: Flickr.

Brain training games – why we should give up now

Everyone has had that period in their life when they become obsessed with an online game, for some it’s Candy Crush, for others it’s...
Bearded dragons in Australia have been shown to change sex in hotter environments.

Australian reptiles are switching sex

New research has found that increasing temperatures are causing australian central bearded dragons that are genetically male to hatch as females and give birth...
Aphids, Wiki,Luc Viatour

Setbacks for pest resistant wheat

A controversial field trial of “whiffy" pest resistant wheat has shown that the genetically modified (GM) crop has failed to repel aphids. Aphids such as...