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25 scenes that made cinema today

1993 - Schindlers List In a film that was full of horrific moments, nothing stood out more than the shot of the little girl in...
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Victoria (2015) A revolution in cinematic history, Victoria tells the story of a girl on a night out in Berlin - but incredibly, it’s filmed...
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ex machina (2015) This is a romantic thriller ... with robots. Ex Machina is an A.I. film like you’ve never seen, dealing with the beauty,...
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Seven Psychopaths (2012) A man with writer’s block gets more than his fair share of inspiration when his life is filled with vengeful murderers and...
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Netflix film reviews: Sicario, Under the Skin & Gone Girl

Sicario (2015) From director Denis Villenue, Sicario follows undercover drug raids on the Mexican-American border, where no one is the good guy. Don’t ever watch...
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Netflix Film Reviews

Filth (2013)  Corruption in the Edinburgh police force, drug abuse, borderline-personality disorder … it could only be another Irvine Welsh film. Starring James McAvoy as...