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Tesla Model X Charging Tesla Supercharger from Max Pixel

Tesla struggling in ‘production hell’

Electric cars are becoming more and more common on UK roads. It’s no longer odd to see a car drive past without making so...
keys and wallet, by Kaboompics on pexels

Saving up to fly the nest

For a student leaving university, one of the main considerations is where they want to live. Going back home to Mum and Dad can be...
European Parliament / Pietro Naj-Olear

Brexit spells trouble for graduates

If you are anything like me, you are probably sick of Brexit. For two years now it has been in every news bulletin and...
Money. Photo: Flickr, Howard Lake

The Finance Roundup

UK borrowing falls to lowest level in 11 years It is good news for the UK economy. Government borrowing has fallen by £3.5bn in the...
Images Money, Flickr

The Finance Roundup

Tesco continues profits turnaround New Tesco boss, Dave Lewis, has overseen the revival of the popular supermarket chain’s profits over the past two years. Previously...
KFC on wikimediacommons

KFC’s flip-flop on suppliers

It’s been a nightmare few weeks for the popular chicken fast food restaurant KFC. After switching suppliers for their chicken, from Bidvest to DHL, there...