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Students warned of mumps outbreak

The University Medical Service (UMS) sent a warning to students after having more than 18 confirmed cases of mumps at UEA in the last...
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Academic warns of Cringleford mudbath

An academic has said there are unacceptably muddy pathways on campus. Muddy pathways near the lake, which connect UEA to Cringleford, are “putting many people...
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Staff pay cut could prolong strikes, say UCU

University staff who are on strike will have their pay withheld by 25 percent for every day of ‘partial performance’ at work, including not...
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Strong turnout in snow of striking staff

Despite deep snow this week, there was a large turnout on picket lines of staff striking against changes to pension schemes. Across Britain, a total...

Analysis: The “5 Ls” and sex in public

Did you know that almost half of the British public have admitted to having sex in public? That’s according to a 2015 survey reported...