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UEA Village in the spring. Photo: Daniel Salliss.

72 students did not pay full rent last year

An investigation by the Liberal Democrats has revealed more than 17,000 students living in UK university accommodation failed to make rent payments last year....
The drive will be closed until tomorrow morning. Photo- Matt Nixon

University Drive closed due to ‘high-risk tree’

The university has removed public access to a portion of University Drive due to a ‘high-risk’ tree which may fall in tonight’s high winds....
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Extenuating circumstances to be reported online

From early this year, students who need to self-certify or submit details about their extenuating circumstances for an extension or delayed assessment will have...
Photo: stephen richards, geograph

Plans for student flats in city centre rejected

Norwich city councillors rejected a proposal for a block of new flats in the city centre which would have been used as housing for...

Students given paws from deadlines

Students met therapy puppies to shake off the winter blues and relieve the stresses of university work last week. The event was part of the...
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Student arrested in UEA Library

A UEA student was escorted out of the library and arrested by the Norfolk Constabulary today in connection with “a serious assault”. Five police officers...