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Review: Guys and Dolls at the Norwich Theatre Royal

The opening performance of Norfolk and Norwich Operatic Society’s classic, and dare I say predictable, interpretation of ‘Guys and Dolls’ was not necessarily a...
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The British ‘staycation’

The rise of cheap, readily available flights has in the past made the ‘staycation’ appear to be a much less popular travel option and...
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Does colonialism affect tourism?

In answer to the question ‘why do people travel for history?’ I would argue the answer to be ‘why do people travel at all?’ It...
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Women’s rights on global agenda

International Women’s Day has this year been propelled into public discourse, a result of the myriad of events and movements instrumental in publicising the...
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Buenos Aires: a Latin American paradise

The Latin American metropolis of Buenos Aires is fast becoming a go-to place to visit.  The shaky Argentinian economy has led to a push...
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Let’s talk about sex tourism

The ‘sex tourism’ industry is decidedly complicated. Delving into the murky waters of this taboo subject shows that the tangled web of a growing...