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Rebecca McManus, Photo: Cathy McManus

UEA student, Rebecca McManus, to ‘live on’ through poetry anthology

UEA student Rebecca McManus was just weeks away from graduation when she was hit by a speeding driver and killed, whilst standing at a...
George Osborne. Photo: Flickr, Number Ten

George Osborne has less experience than the average trainee

Earlier today it was announced that George Osborne, former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Conservative MP for Tatton, has been made Editor-in-Chief of the...
Lady the cat, Megan Baynes

When I accidentally adopted a roommate

The prospect of sacrificing your personal space and sharing a room with a total stranger is probably the most off-putting part of study abroad....

Review: Mamma Mia! dazzles at Theatre Royal

The warnings on the theatre doors of ‘strobe lighting’ are my first clue that Mamma Mia! is more than just a musical, and it...
Caitlin climbing a wall, Photo- Megan Baynes

Concrete editors driven up the wall

Being someone that runs out of breath walking up the stairs to my flat, I was somewhat apprehensive about spending a night bouldering at...
L - R- Malia Bouattia, Muqaddam Malik, Jon Sharp, David Nowell Smith, Moazzam Begg Photo- Jo Swo

‘PREVENT stopped me studying the modules I wanted,’ says student

A UEA student has spoken out about how government legislation PREVENT kept him from choosing to study modules that interest him. Muqaddam Malik made...