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The afterlife of university

“So what are you plans post-graduation?” This is quite possibly the most annoying question any soon-to-be graduate can be asked. I know most people...
Photo: UEA:TV

Window falls off Nelson Court in Storm Doris

A window has blown off a room in Nelson court leaving it open to damage from Storm Doris. Harry, Jacob, Jordan and Georgia, who are...
Do Something Different Week, UEA

Do Something Different Week: What else is happening?

Megan Baynes, Jessica Frank-Keyes and Caitlin Doherty spoke to some of the team involved in DSDW to find out what else undergraduates can expect: Get...
Do Something Different Week, UEA

Do Something Different Week: The art of science & murder

UEA is hosting a campus wide murder mystery. Follow us as we investigate: Who did it, where and how? Characters: Lady Malcone After graduating from the university  as...
Busted, Megan Baynes

Busted @ The LCR

I can’t be the only one who cried a little when Busted announced their reunion tour, Pigs Can Fly, last year. When they announced they...
editorial cartoon, illustrated by Emily Mildren

At it like rabbits

One of the things I love the most about my course is the freedom to study whatever I like. Despite my degree title being...