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England suffer disappointing defeat

In tonight’s match, with a 1-0 defeat to Belgium, England was beaten for the first time in World Cup 2018 and finished their group...
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Remembering the Holocaust

Sometimes I ask myself, “What would I do if I can’t remember anything? What would happen if I constantly forgot something?” And these questions...
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Comment: sport doesn’t stop for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, which has different meanings for a variety of people. For students, it is a busy time with essays...

Comment: Meyzi Adoni weighs in on youth football academies

There are so many youth football academies in the world. And for a child who is dreaming to become a football player, getting in...
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Comment: Nadal vs Federer

This year has already been an incredible and unforgettable year for tennis fans and there is still a month to go. With Roger Federer coming...