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STMT Development Board, Adam Greig, Flickr

Top 15 tech innovations of the last 25 years

Text messaging – 1992 1992 saw the first ever text message. Now one of the most commonly used forms of communication, the text message has...
Photo: Wikimedia, Christian Fischer

Biologists identify frog the size of a thumbnail

After several years exploring the Kerala and Tamil Nadu forests in India, scientists have discovered four new species of frogs that are so tiny...
tiger shark, wikimedia

Zebra Shark has Virgin Birth

In a breathtaking transition for sexual to asexual reproduction, Leonie the zebra shark has given birth without a mate. Leonie, homed at the REEF HQ...
Donald Trump. Photo: Wikimedia, Gage Skidmore

Trump’s climate change wipe-out

As the 20th January rolled round so did the reality of Trump’s impending presidency and the American acknowledgement of a new dawn in the...
Greece, Milly Godfrey

Working in Greece: the ideal holiday

It’s the type of summer you see on your friend’s-friend's Facebook page, having stalked them one lonely and fairly bored night fueled by a...

Sometimes it doesn’t go to plan

Miley Cyrus hopped off the plane in LAX and I hopped off at Philadelphia International Airport. Less glamorous, more nerve-wracking, but equally as surreal,...