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prison art drawing by 2204574 on pixabay

Art and the prison system

Hearing how the arts can be such a powerful support tool from a man with years of experience in prison can be truly overwhelming....

Richard Alston premieres in Norwich

Richard Alston Dance Company, one of the UK’s most acclaimed choreographer led dance companies, is coming to the Norwich Theatre Royal on 2nd and...
flickr, Sven-S. Porst

What is capitalism doing to art?

As we walk out of a brilliant art exhibition in any part of the world or as we finish leafing through countless books in...
Robert Cutts, flickr

Being Human exhibition recreates Calais

“Is this voyeurism?” the artists ask, writing on the walls of a recreated bedroom of Calais’s ‘Jungle’. “Yes”, the same artists reply, questioning the...
Parliment Catalonia, flickr

Catalonia declares independence

After years of public demonstrations demanding Catalan independence, political opposition, and finishing with the violent reaction of the Spanish national police, the Catalan parliament...

Tickets for a tenner: Hedda Gabler at Norwich Theatre Royal

Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler is currently brought to tour by the National Theatre and is set to visit Norwich from 7-11 November. The production, centred on a...