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Gig proposals: cute or cringey?

Cute! "There’s an image we have of romance, lifted directly from 80s movies, of the foolhardy, lovestruck Romeo-wannabe who makes a huge gesture to woo...
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Release radar: January’s new music

Marmozets - 'Knowing What You Know Now' It had been a long time since we heard from Marmozets, but since they dropped the single Play...
Nick Mason

Hello, hurricane: Switchfoot at the LCR

At Mercy, the ting is going skrrt. At the Arts Centre Marmozets are thrashing out punk-rock jams. At the LCR a near empty room...
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Postcards from Norwich: Alvarez Kings

Pop-rockers Alvarez Kings came to Norwich for their biggest show yet in support of Switchfoot. Nick Mason caught up with the band’s frontman, Simon. Hi...
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Julien Baker: a screaming televangelist

Julien Baker is an unlikely starlet. Her debut album, Sprained Ankle, was never intended to even get a physical release. It ended up propelling...
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New release: the Dangerous Summer

The reunion single from emo underdogs the Dangerous Summer has dropped. Sonically picking up where the band left off with Golden Record, 'Fire’ once...