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New release: the Dangerous Summer

The reunion single from emo underdogs the Dangerous Summer has dropped. Sonically picking up where the band left off with Golden Record, 'Fire’ once...
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The Front Bottoms, going grey? If only

Despite my love of The Front Bottoms, my expectations going into ‘Going Grey’ could be described as akin to waiting for a train to...
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Move, shake and play with Marmozets

“I’ve just had a sip of a quadruple espresso with a splash of milk. And, well, headache already.” Jack Bottomley greets me with what...
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Venue’s summer anthems

New Rules - Dua Lipa Lipa became the first woman to top the UK singles chart on her own for nearly two years this summer...

Tay-Tay the tout

Earlier this year, Ticketmaster released their Verified Fan system to keep touts out of presales for in-demand tours and shows. It was widely praised...
Newspaper: Flickr, Jon S Tick: Public Domain. Cartoons: Wikimedia, DonkeyHotey.

Sign of the times, are we suffering from democracy fatigue?

I am a very politically-minded person. The bookshelf above my bed almost buckles under the weight of tomes on a whole host of political...