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Bullet to the Head – review

No single component of Bullet to the Head does a wholly bad job but it’s all so mind-numbingly average.

Tarantino: influenced or influential?

Quentin Tarantino's films have been praised and chastised for their overt violence and dialogue. Are you a fan?

Seven Psychopaths – review

Seven Psychpaths in a nutshell: you'll go because you enjoyed In Bruges, and you'll stay because Christopher Walken is back to his best.

The Justice League – 2015 preview

With time ticking away, will the world be ready for justice?

Review: Taken 2

Subtle, graceful and elegant. None of these words could be used to describe Taken 2 - and that is no bad thing.

Preview: Skyfall

Skyfall is in the hands of a trusty director, a fantastic cast and is dripping with classic scenes. It's certain: Bond is back.