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2016 Turkish protest,, Lubunya

Trump, terror and Turkey: 2016 in review

Reporting on the major events of 2016, by Beverly Devakishen, Charlotte Gaines, Eddie Booth, Judith Howe and Ollie Watts, James Chesson and Emily Hawkins January Tsai...
Korea President, Photo: Wikimedia,

South Korean president faces financial corruption allegations

South Korea has found itself plunged into political turbulence as Choi Soon-sil, a South Korean woman alleged to have exploited her long-term friendship with...
Globe,, Augiasstallputzer

Global 360 RoundUp

Hong Kong In the first elections since unrest in 2014, citizens of Hong Kong have been to the polls to vote representatives to their legislative...

360 Roundup: Turkish coup

Turkey is in disarray following a failed coup attempt by a rebel faction within the Turkish military on Friday night. Tanks were present on...
Reuters, Phillipe Wozajer

Flash floods plague Europe

France, Germany, and parts of Central Europe were hit by flash floods in the first week of June, after several days of intense thunder...

Global 360 round up

Missing Japanese Boy Found At Military Base On 3rd June missing seven-year-old boy Yamato Tanooka was found alive near the town of Shikabe on...