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The Responsibility of Marketing

Whilst 2017 continues to churn out endless sequels and big-budget franchise films, there hasn’t been a shortage of smaller, original works. Two particularly prominent...
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10 great spy films

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Originally derided, OHMSS has been steadily reappraised down the years and is now (rightly) considered one of the best Bond...
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IT is the highly anticipated film adaptation of the 1986 Stephen King novel, focusing on the cursed town of Derry, Maine. This is where...
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Netflix and not-so-chill: why they should rethink their distribution strategies

Netflix is an online streaming service which provides a subscription service on-demand to a supposedly ‘wide range’ of films and serials. They’ve recently been...
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Film review: Get Out

Get Out is Jordan Peele’s (one half of comedy duo ‘Key and Peele’) directorial debut. It is a comedy-horror about a couple, Chris Walker...