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Fake News,

Fake news: it’s nothing new

The problem of “fake news” today may be regarded as an alarming result of the advent of social media. Click-bait articles with dramatic headlines...

Free Will: Is it an illusion?

Ever since stories as told by the Abrahamic religions of Adam and Eve, the concept of free will has been rife in our culture....

Brexit increases cost of MacBook

Macbooks have always been expensive, the Apple brand prides itself on its exclusivity by appearing as the latest and greatest in cutting edge technology....
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Consent classes: too little too late

We need to have a national consent conversation. Some consider themselves, to be too “intelligent” to need to understand the concept of consent. Others are...
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The stagnation of progressive politics in Britain

In the words of MP Brian Wilson, “A Labour Party with no realistic prospect of forming a government is of no use to anyone”....
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Far surpassing Tim Burton’s nauseating remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Spielberg’s film adaptation of The BFG will excite all audiences, from the...