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cats musical Wikimedia, Raymon Sutedjo-The.

The awesome power of musicals

It may seem bold to claim that everybody likes musicals. I know people who say that they won’t go near one if a gun...
Tsuro,, Matěj Baťha

‘Bored’ games

Board games, as everyone has experienced, can be tiresome. Some of the classics can last multiple hours or even days in the case of...
Darts in a dartboard. Photo: Wikimedia, PeterPan23

Van Gerwen defeats Anderson 7-3 in PDC final

The PDC Darts World Championship is a great festive competition to get into. It takes place over the festive period, all the big matches...
Cards Against Humanity, Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Cards Against Humanity against the world

For anyone aged under 30, and even for some over, the genre of card games is coupled strongly with Cards Against Humanity. If you...
Joe Root, Brian Minkoff, Wikimedia

England fall just short of victory over India

The England cricket team finished the first test match of the five match series against India with a draw. Now Alastair Cook and his team...
Illustration by Dougie Dodds

Overkill? No Such Thing

Not all games are created equal. There is no disputing that there are bad games. There are quite a lot of them in fact....