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H after h

Hit with the hours of the day, I hurried to the quaint hut in which the vote was to take place. As I stepped...
EU Flag. Photo: fdecomite, Flickr.

A Political Limerick

Blue, Red, Purple, Green, My favourite colours when I was thirteen. Seldom is the truth, Ever spoken to the youth. Has this dystopia been taken from a movie...
Matt Nixon


Resolve, Evolve, Many an element, my newness must involve. Resolve, Evolve, The importance of newness, my life does revolve. Resolve, Evolve, For newness to work, my interests must convolve. Resolve, Evolve, The precedence of my...

New year, new you

Forget the diet, forget the exercise and forget finding new love. Instead fill up your life with art, culture and languages with these New...
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Roast with the most

“We should cook for ourselves! Like the true adults we are now.” “Yes, let’s! We can make all the trimmings and we can even buy...
Mayucchi, wikimedia commons

Indie-penchant: Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club was recommended to me by an Engineering friend, who pitched it to me as ‘a bit creepy’. It follows the...