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st andrews university by stu smith on flickr

Scotland to give free tuition to EU students after Brexit

The Scottish Government has announced that students from EU nations who begin their courses in academic year 2019-20 will continue to enjoy free university...
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Number of refugee scholarships to increase

The university said they will increase the number of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships offered to refugees and asylum seekers. This follows the news that...

A new normal: LGBT+ representation

When I was younger, first starting out with gaming, LGBT+ people didn’t exist - at least not according to the games I was playing....
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Suiting up

Opportunities to dress up are dangerous. You get to scrub up and show yourself off, sure, but only if you manage to sidestep all...
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Homesickness at university

“You just want to go back.” So you’ve decided to go to university. You’ve crisscrossed the nation looking at campus after campus and finally...
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Classical vs contemporary art

Art has been a key aspect of human existence pretty much since the dawn of civilisation. From the earliest cave paintings to modern electronic...