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Sidonie Chaffer-Melly


Quick questions with a UEA security guard

We caught up with a member of UEA security, David Whales.

Fending off the dreaded hangover

Sidonie Chaffer-Melly lists how you can try and fight of the dreaded hangover.

Exam Timetables win Union Priority Campaigns Poll

Sidonie Chaffer-Melly reports on the Union of UEA Students' Priority Campaigns poll result.

NUS celebrates lobbying victory

Sidonie Chaffer Melly reports on the victory of the NUS to extend free school meals to students in further education.

Body found in UEA lake

Sidonie Chaffer-Melly reports on the news that a body was found in the UEA Broad.

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa – review

Sidonie Chaffer-Melly reviews Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.