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Norwich man sentenced for sex crimes near UEA

A man has been jailed after admitting to a series of sex offences on the 25 and 26 Norwich buses. Dean Eastwood was sentenced to...

Royal wedding news fixes student deadline blues

I was one of the few women on November 27 who did not feel cheated. There had been months of speculation but now it...
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Library isn’t accessible, say disabled students

Disabled students say they are unable or struggle to access parts of the UEA Library and Arts Hub. At the most recent Union Council meeting,...
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SPA success, trams, and Nottingham

There are many things I have disdain for. It's often justified, if only to me, and once decided is as definite as UEA's superiority...
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Marvel: the mighty

When it comes to the debate of Marvel vs DC everyone who is anyone has an opinion. From the casual movie goer to the...
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Oscar bait

Oscar bait; you’ll know it when you see it. They are the films so hungry for Academy Award nominations you can sense it from...