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Norfolk’s young golf stars

The Norfolk junior team reached the finals of the South East Group Under-18 League. The team went to Hampshire for the finals where they...
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Art pays, you just need to find a job in it

Money, money, money, it makes the world go round. It is the inescapable truth that arts students have to face while weighing up if...
Matt Nixon

A night with Nightline

The first rule of Nightline is: you do not talk about Nightline. The organisation, above everything, values anonymity. This allows them to protect their...
UEA Press Office

Interview: Matt Frei

Matt Frei is a television news journalist and writer, who worked as the Washington, DC correspondent for Channel 4 News. If that wasn't enough,...
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Rihanna’s Fenty line is changing makeup

When Rihanna says something’s good, it’s good. The world trusts her with our Saturday night playlist and now she offers us more than music....

Berlin: a city of the new and the “old”

Everything in Berlin is a lie. I mean that in a good way. Old looking buildings are actually new and the walls don’t keep...