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Cameron Tucker

Where are they now?

Tony Allen and Sophie Bunce chatted all things Concrete with two of our ex-contributors Cameron Tucker: From Norwich to Sri Lanka and back again With talk...
Norwich Fashion Week, Megan Baynes

25 fashion trends of 2017

Five Shoe Trends - Sophie Bunce As the weather gets warmer our feet are finally freed. Forget the winter months in heavy boots and fur lined trainers,...
Library, Emily Claridge

Dress for deadlines

Deadlines suck, but your fashion doesn’t have to suffer because of them. As we focus in our final months of the year, we spend...
Cheerleading, Feyi Adebanjo

UEA Angels in Derby Day heaven

The balcony was full for the Derby Day Cheer Dance and Stunt competition which saw the UEA Angels triumph over the Essex Flames in...
Fashion, Pixabay

Fashion week; empowering, or just plain unrealistic?

Fashion week arrived and the glitz and glamour was impossible to avoid. With model selfies and designers taking over social media, at every turn...
Dance, Yana Savelyeva

Waltzing to a win

UEA and Essex dance teams competed in a range of disciplines for Derby Day, including Ballet, Contemporary, a Wildcard category, Jazz and Street. With...