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Donald Trump. Photo: Wikimedia, Gage Skidmore

The Trump Era: did hate win the election?

In the UK we’d assume that an ongoing rape trial would derail anyone’s political career. As we once thought it had Trump’s. After controversial...
Illustrations by Hugo Douglas-Deane

Added Together

Me plus him equals a set of twins a pair like no other, Do the maths it isn’t hard, He’s my sibling my twin my brother I am part of a...
Donald Trump, Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia

The era of post-truth politics

Just as there is no sentiment in business, there is no truth in politics. Donald Trump is familiar with both. As the presidential campaigns...
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Why I don’t see scenery

My mother sighs As scenery passes me by But I didn’t know at what or where I was supposed to stare I wasn’t sure why or how to wonder at clouds And...
Marmite, Photo: Flickr, David Martyn Hunt

“We will make breakfast…Brexit a success”

Those famous last words spoken by Welsh Conservative leader Andrew Davies appear to be ringing true... As the price of food soars, we are now...
sam-and-dean illustration by Dougie Dodds

Halloween TV

It is almost Halloween and the time of year to terrify yourself, or is it? If horror is not for you Scream Queens and...