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Dealing with the “red tape”

If you look to the university world rankings, the UK dominates 40 percent of the top ten. It is therefore no surprise that we...
Johnathan Asher

The Hostry Festival

The Hostry Festival showcasing the best of Norfolk theatre, music, dance, visual arts and radio returns for it’s eighth year this October with UEA...
Earlham Hall, Wikimedia

Fugitive former lecturer in court on rape charges

Ex UEA lecturer, Julian Myerscough, has been returned to the UK to appear in court on the charge of raping a 13-year-old girl. Last week,...

Debut novel of UEA alumna to be adapted for TV

The TV rights for UEA alumna Elizabeth Macneal’s debut novel The Doll Factory have been won by Buccaneer Media. Buccaneer Media won the opportunity to...
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UEA 2018 grads: what did you think of Carrow Road?

Concrete asked UEA’s 2018 graduates what they thought of Carrow Road vs Congregation Hall. We wanted to know: how it went, would they do...

Football’s coming home but our manners are stuck at customs

With their hearts in their mouths, England fans watched Harry Maguire and Dele Alli win us a place in the World Cup semi-final. I’ll...