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Aggressive Apple – made for you

Yeah it's just not okay cool but it's not really nice but it's not okay good though lol but I dunno why did I...
commons.wikimedia, Karen Arnolds

Liven up for Lent

With Lent coming up, it’s that time of year when people focus on giving something up. So I’m going to tell you to just...


the shade of blue and orange as you sit still, quiver as you move you sit up and cover the light you are the light buried in a book, lost to me there is no sound, other than your soft grumble fumble as you change...

The art of Italian cuisine

Fresh food in the fridge Stirred up, and dressed with spinach Lasagne tastes great

Poet’s work

An outlet Projection Protection Departing the mind Penetrating the skin   Visibility to the world Rejection Attraction To admire or to loath To dress or to clothe   Your soul, not body Your mind The tiny flickers and...