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Is there a sexual assault epidemic at UEA?

The highest number of reported incidents of rape, assault and harassment at a university took place at UEA over the past five years. 135 incidents...
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Interview: Matt Frei

Matt Frei is a television news journalist and writer, who worked as the Washington, DC correspondent for Channel 4 News. If that isn't enough,...
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UEA investigates student over racist post

A UEA student is being investigated by the university after making a Facebook post calling black people violent and aggressive. In the post, the student...
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Fire review of UEA buildings

UEA will carry out a precautionary review of all campus buildings, following national concern about university accommodation fire safety. 80 people are believed to have...
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“Boycott the bus”, say SU

The SU are encouraging students to boycott First Bus services following a ticket price rise which they have called an “unreasonable and unfair” decision. Some...

UEA students show solidarity with Manchester

A vigil was held in UEA’s square on Wednesday evening to show solidarity with the people of Manchester, following a terrorist attack which killed...