Authors Posts by Megan Baynes, Caitlin Doherty & Jessica Frank-Keyes

Megan Baynes, Caitlin Doherty & Jessica Frank-Keyes

Photo: UEA:TV

Window falls off Nelson Court in Storm Doris

A window has blown off a room in Nelson court leaving it open to damage from Storm Doris. Harry, Jacob, Jordan and Georgia, who are...
Do Something Different Week, UEA

Do Something Different Week: What else is happening?

Megan Baynes, Jessica Frank-Keyes and Caitlin Doherty spoke to some of the team involved in DSDW to find out what else undergraduates can expect: Get...
Clive Lewis, Megan Baynes

“You are not voiceless, you do live in a democracy” – Clive Lewis

It’s a freezing Saturday morning and Clive Lewis is open for business. The Norwich Open, usually home to a range of club nights, youth...

Number of union officers to protest Royal visit

A number of SU officers plan to protest the Royal visit next Friday. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will visit the Sainsbury...
Union house, James Chesson

Swo what now? Conflicting motions to be discussed at council

Campus is divided following the behaviour of union officer, Jo Swo, at an A-List LCR night on Saturday 26th November. Following the incident, conflicting...