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Of mice and ‘mon

When Pokémon Go was released in July 2016, everybody with a phone and a half-forgotten childhood dream of owning a band of cute animal...

Bitcoin for your thoughts

  If you read the news, you’re probably aware of the enigmatic cryptocurrency market. Since Bitcoin was created in 2009, the rise, fall, and rise...
Photograph by Matt Nixon of the UEA picket.

USS strikes: the national picture

The UCU organised strikes are estimated to affect over one million students, with 575,000 teaching hours lost across the 64 universities participating. Whilst most Student...
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Book fair returns to LCR

On Wednesday 28 February UEA Literature Society will host their second annual Book Fair, running between midday and 4pm in the LCR and Hive....
falafel pitta by Charlie Marchant on flickr

Norwich’s best street food

Some of Norwich’s finest food isn’t served to you in expensive restaurants by finely-dressed waiters. Increasingly, street-food-style vendors have been popping up around the centre,...
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Not a poem

A bottle of wine for us to share, A blanket, some crackers and cheese And as you drowned me in cheddar squares I’d beg, “leave me alone,...