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Going it alone: the crucial art of travelling solo

Finding the time to get away isn’t easy. It’s even harder trying to organise a trip with a partner, where you both need to...
Westworld, Illustrated by Denize Koblenz

Westworld – The Next Game of Thrones?

HBO seems to have worked its magic again with new show Westworld, or has it? This new science-fiction and western mashup is based on the...

“My gap yah”: Why you should spend a year teaching in Chile

Saying you’ve done a ‘gap year’ can tend to have a certain stigma behind it in the UK. Although a German friend with whom...
Wikimedia: Jialiang Gao

We need to talk about Yemen

A 72-hour ceasefire began in Yemen on the 19th October. This was  an attempt to halt the hostilities between the Houthi rebels, a Shia military...
EU Flag. Photo: fdecomite, Flickr.

Brexit: A view from down under

Australia is a country with close political and cultural ties to the UK, and so its people are naturally keeping a close eye on...