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SportsPark. Photo: N. Chadwick, Geograph

Sportspark prices increase following loss of funding

Students returning from their Easter break will find the Sportspark’s athletic track admission price has increased, for the first time in six years. Norfolk...
Penguins_ Wikimedia_Guisseppe

Antarctic temperature hits record high

A new investigation has revealed that the temperature in Antarctica reached a record high of 17.5 degrees Celsius in 2015. Average temperatures have also increased...
Seaford Mods, Man Alive!, Flickr

English Tapas – Seaford Mods ★★★★

Despite the odd mediocre track, Sleaford Mods keep up their reign as music’s premier angry middle-aged men. The hilarious ‘Just Like We Do’, and...

Paul Weller – Jawbone Soundtrack ★★

Paul Weller’s soundtrack to new boxing film ‘Jawbone’, his first full score after previous dabbles in writing for the screen, has its heart in...
Lacrosse, Danny Booty

Welsh stars on mixed day for lacrosse

On the fringe of Colney Lane, UEA’s Lacrosse players experienced a mixed day of action, with the women’s team romping home to a 17-0..., nicola j.patron

New group for UEA and councillors

A forum has been launched to improve communication between UEA and local councillors. The UEA Councillors’ Liaison Group will meet every six weeks, with...