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New music releases 14/01/17

Nick Mason All These Countless Nights Deaf Havana With All These Countless Nights, Deaf Havana’s fourth full length effort, there is not a note out of place....
EU Flag. Photo: fdecomite, Flickr.

Revealed: how Norwich voted on the EU

New figures released last week revealed how each ward in the Norwich City Council area voted in the EU referendum. The statistics collected by George...
crazyfrog, illustrated by Lois Young

Guilty Pleasures: “So bad they’re good” chart toppers

I’ve found it really interesting talking to people about their favourite worst songs. Not a single person is without at least one guilty pleasure....

Nightline interview: why we should talk more about mental health

UEA’s student run support service, Nightline, is a way in which students can anonymously talk about anything. Open between 8pm and 8am seven days...
russia, Photo- Profotos de

From Russia, with love

Like most people, Russia’s probably not at the top of your holiday wish list. But allow me to redress the balance and tell you...
clive lewis, Photo: Wikimedia, Kinversam

Why Labour MPs should oppose Article 50

As our voice in Parliament, it is Clive Lewis’ responsibility to represent our constituency above any other consideration, including that of his party. After...