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Calls for students to declare mental health history prior to enrolment

In the last academic year there have been at least 95 student suicides. In an effort to encourage students to be more open about...
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Flood risk severe for millions in the US

More than 40 million Americans may be at risk of severe flooding. A study by the University of Bristol, published in Environmental Research Letters,...
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Gut’s exposure to chlamydia protects against infection

In a study, researchers at UT Health San Antonio found that preexposure of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract to chlamydia-causing bacterium may act as a...
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Re-discovered Munnings Art to be displayed at NUA

A collection of drawings by Sir Alfred Munnings have been discovered in the archives of the Norwich University of Arts. The drawings, from the...
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Amur leopard endangered

A disease that commonly effects domesticated dogs has been added to the list of threats that have critically endangered Amur leopards (Panthera pardus orientalis)....

UEA research links feminist theory and anorexia recovery

Researchers from UEA’s school of Art, Media and American Studies (AMA), have shown the potential positive effects that discussing cultural expectations surrounding femininity can...