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dynasty warriors by BagoGames on flickr

Dynasty Warriors 9 is a “glitchy, tedious mess”

If you weren’t previously a fan of this series, this game will not make you one. Dynasty Warriors 9 is the latest entry in Koei...
Wikimedia commons - Zack Tartufo

Life is Strange episode 2 lives up to expectations

It’s episodes like Brave New World which illustrate how shocking it is that more people aren’t playing Life is Strange. Within thirty minutes they...
Wikimedia Commons, Spike Chunsoft

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

A game of hope and of despair. Two states of being in an unending struggle. That’s the purest summary of the conflict driving the...
Flcikr, BagoGames

Overwatch: A late Bloomers Perspective

Heroes assemble! The call sent out across the entirety of the gaming world by Blizzard Entertainment May last year. Since then, Overwatch exploded with...
flickr, Harrison Weber

My unpopular opinion: Cersei Lannister is the real hero of Game of Thrones

The world of Song Of Ice And Fire is one of the most morally challenging worlds in all of fiction. It's one of the...

Video Game Drinking Buddies

The thing that turns a night out on the town from good to great is having great friends to ride it out with. Here...