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Warning issued over record debt levels

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has forecast strong and broad-based growth for 2018 in its’ biannual World Economic Outlook report. However, beyond the near-term...
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Trump’s tariffs hit steel production

On 1 March, US President Donald Trump announced that he will impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports to protect domestic producers. This decision...

Controversy over BBC gender pay gap

A PwC report found “no evidence” of systematic gender bias in the pay of the BBC’s 824 on-air presenters, but offered several key recommendations...
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Housing stock rises to £7.14tn

UK housing wealth exceeds £7 trillion for the first time. Increasing in value by over a third in a decade, the value of all UK...
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Collapse of Carillion

Institutional investors, auditors, government officials and Carillion executives all have big questions to answer following the construction giants collapse on Monday 15 January. Carillion was...
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Aviva’s step forward for gender equality

In a landmark step towards gender equality in the workplace, insurance firm Aviva has become the first UK firm of its kind to offer...