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Book illustration - Frith Dunkley

“You definitely should judge a book by its cover”

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – or at least that’s what they say. Looking past the outside is supposed to help...
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Bangin’ good art

The novel: "Rubyfruit Jungle was released at a time when queer literature wasn’t really a thing. Most queer books published today shy away from a...

Tokenism: the need for all-queer shows

While tokenism has arguably existed in the media we consume for a very long time, it has recently become much more acknowledged, and is...

…E-readers and e-beauty

When e-books started blowing up, they were received like the devil: everyone in the bookish community was angry about their existence for one reason...
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Ethical volunteering in Third World countries

Going abroad is as common an experience as any. The allure of seeing cultures considered ‘different’, countries unknown, seems to be never-ending, and as...
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Noirwich Crime Writing Festival: Nasty Women

On September 14, the aptly named Noirwich kicked off its third year of festivities surrounding crime fiction in the beautiful city of Norwich. After...