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Yaiza Canopoli

Illustrated by Tim Burt

Melodies with memories

After growing up in Germany with Italian parents, there are songs that remind me of my special moments all over the place. The entire...
YouTube LGBT+ restricted mode, Denise Koblenz

YouTube restricted mode hides LGBT+ content

A few days ago Rowan Ellis uploaded a video called ‘YouTube is anti-LGBT’, in which she pointed out something that has been noticed by...
Large Image from Little Sister

Little Sister

Colleen left everything behind when she quit home—not just her goth wardrobe and pink hair dye, but a mentally-ill mother who tried to kill...
3%, illustrated by Denise Koblenz

3%: New Dystopian Netflix Original from Brazil

Every year, the Process takes place. All eligible candidates take a long walk up a mountain to be interviewed, and if they pass, they...