The novel:

“Rubyfruit Jungle was released at a time when queer literature wasn’t really a thing. Most queer books published today shy away from a lot of things Rita Mae Brown just throws in your face. Its unapologetically gay heroine doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion. She gets into university with no money, and is soon kicked out for being gay—but if you think this will stop her from kicking ass, you don’t know Molly Bolt.” – Yaiza Canopoli

The play:

“Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues are a series of verbatim interviews that delve into the women’s relationships with their vaginas through the eyes of women from all walks of life. Standout pieces include collections of pithy pieces that ask the real questions: “If your vagina could speak, what would it say?” Funny, poignant and relatable, these monologues are a fresh, empowering take upon female sexuality.” – Amy Bonar

The podcast:

“Reading your own father’s sexual fantasies is nightmare material for most people, but Jamie Morton hilariously analyses his Dad’s erotic literature with his friends James Cooper, and BBC Radio 1’s Alice Lavigne, in podcast ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’. Your cringiest post-LCR drunken experience will pale in comparison. Highly recommended light relief from a heavy library session.” – Ciara McIlvenna