Concrete goes to print and in front of your eyes once every two weeks. In between you reading our last edition and you reading this at the absolute earliest opportunity then six horses would have died as a result of horse racing. In the last ten years, this works out at 1500.

Horse riding is dangerous as it is, the constant compressing of the horse’s spine wears away the cartilage in between the bones, which, in some cases, results in ‘Kissing Spine Syndrome’ where the individual vertebrae in the spines rub against each other and corrode, causing immense pain and the eventual euthanising of the horse.

This is exacerbated even further when you consider horses that are being raced, not only do they face threat from this, they are constantly being hurt and killed on race courses.

Cheltenham race course holds the highest death toll of 12 in 2017 alone.

According to the RSPCA, the horses endure “pain and suffering” from whipping – not that the RSPCA is a high bar for animal welfare- and you can frequently see pictures of horses breaking their legs in half as a result of racing, pictures which we’ll spare you from here.

Ethical horse racing falls in line with those myths about animal welfare which you hear peddled constantly- “the horses love it,” (they die), “free range hens are happy (they have their beaks chopped off and their children taken away,” “hunts don’t kill animals anymore, (foxes and other animals still die regularly on trail hunts),” and “the animals I eat were killed humanely, (they were killed, it isn’t humane).”

The reason why this is important is that the 16-24 demographic has experienced the biggest increase in betting between 2016-2017.

15% of our demographic now bet on something (up from 9.7%, meaning we’re going to be the new target of an emerging market force.

So bet, I’ll be betting on each of the Champions League games, the FA Cup final, and I’m still hoping my bet on Kamala Harris to win the 2020 Presidential election comes through for a grand total of £6.88 ($$$$$$$), but don’t bet on horse racing. Don’t finance the industries that cause so much cruelty when you don’t need to.

The racing industry relies on your money to survive, therefore, if you bet, it’s your money that’s ensuring the horses do not