Hearing leaves crunch under your feet in the autumn is arguably one of the best sounds of the year. There’s something immensely satisfying about the sound, and unlike the debates about pumpkin spice, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who disagrees with the appeal of marching across a spread of orange leaves in a pair of great boots.

What goes around comes around, and suede is back from what seems like a very brief hiatus. A few years ago, catwalks were stuffed with ‘suede squared’ outfits, but this autumn is less about jewel toned suede and more about natural tones like greys, browns, khaki and red in particular. You can pick up some seasonally-apt burgundy suedette (because we are students, after all) Chelsea boots from New Look for under £30, or experiment with the material by opting for one of Topshop’s ankle boots with bow detailing.

Glitzy footwear is having a moment, with glittery boots stomping across many, many catwalks at New York Fashion Week earlier in the season.

High-street brands have embraced glittery heeled boots for this season, which might not be the most practical of footwear but if done right are perfect for Loft. Most brands have stuck to classic silver, but you can also find coloured boots if you look hard enough. Some Venue recs are New Look’s magpie-esque Blue Glitter heeled boots and Primark’s more subtle Black Star boots.

But if in doubt, opt for a classic black leather boot. They match almost everything and a sturdy pair will last you a good time. Be prepared to invest a bit if you don’t want them to fall apart within in the first few months of wear, but also keep an eye out in places like Shoe Zone and Zara.