Starbucks and Tate & Lyle are to be boycotted in union outlets following a motion passed by Union Council on 12th February.

The motion titled Dodgy Sugar in your Dodgy Coffee, was passed by Union Council by 38 votes for to 18 against.
Proposed by Sam Jones, PSI Second Year representative, the motion called for a boycott of Starbucks and Tate & Lyle products by UEA Student Union owned outlets. Upon passing the motion, Sam told Concrete: “We have an opportunity to run an ethical business…I am not naive enough to think this will make a dent in Starbucks or Tate & Lyle’s profits, but it will send a message that tax dodging is not acceptable”.

Starbucks had sales of over £400 million last year, however the company paid no tax here in the UK. David Stephens, councillor for CWP Other Year UG, spoke against the motion stating: “It’s about student choice and student representation. I don’t think that 80 councillors have the right to impose their moral judgments on the entire student body without giving the 13,900+ students, which council is meant to represent, the chance to have their say on the matter”.

Replacement iced coffee and sugar products are now available from the union shop.