The stresses of starting university, moving away from your family, and taking the first steps to adulthood are not always easy to cope with.

Thankfully Eleanor Martin, Head of Events at Livewire – UEA’s official student radio has organised an event to cater for those who might feel this way. From 9:00 to 13:00 on Saturday 30 September, Livewire will be hosting a “morning party”, the first of its kind at UEA.

The event, called Break The Day will take place in the Square, Red Bar, and Blue Bar and offers a range of activities from yoga, dance and live music, to cheer leading and a selection of vegan food. There will also be activities centred on mindfulness and wellbeing, such as a stall raising money for  MIND.

Ms. Martin has described the event as “a sober party aimed at promoting health, wellbeing and mindfulness” and a place “for people who don’t like going out into town [or the] drinking nightlife” but still want to get a feel for the spirit of freshers’ week.