The Latin American metropolis of Buenos Aires is fast becoming a go-to place to visit.  The shaky Argentinian economy has led to a push in expanding their tourist industry and thus this is a destination which has only really been explored within past decade.

Being divided into neighbourhoods, each with their own unique perspective and character, makes this bustling city easier to navigate.

The more bourgeoisie suburb of Palermo is a great place to start for first time visitors. This lively area has lots of museums and galleries complete with beautiful architecture.

The colourful La Boca neighbourhood is equally charming and reflects the citiesí foundations of European immigration, mainly from Italy and Spain.

Argentina is also home to the most amazing steaks and of course it has a great selection of wine, many of which are available at restaurants all over the city. However, it is worth remembering, traditional meal times are usually late in the evening.

Furthermore, the plethora of coffee shops dotted around Buenos Aires some dating from the 1800s give an almost Parisian vibe, and were once haunts of famous Argentinian novelists such as Jorge Luis Borges. This is further shown at the El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Barrio Norte, a bookshop set in a former theatre originally opened in 1919, which is worth a visit.

The city encapsulates a distinctly Latin American romantic ambience; after all Buenos Aries is the home of the tango! Saying this, Buenos Aries is also a creative tolerant haven, represented with a thriving LGBTQ scene.  Argentinaís tumultuous history echoes arounds the streets of Buenos Aries, in particular in the stunningly eerie La Recoleta Cemetery.

Among others this is the resting place of Eva Perone, the infamous first lady immortalised in the musical Evita. Similarly, the Parque de la Memoria, a memorial to the victims of the “Dirty War”, reminds the visitor of Argentinaís tragic past of military dictatorship.

Much time has passed since Britain and Argentina were at war over the Falkland Islands, as has the stigma of visiting this beautiful corner of the world.

Buenos Aires is both distinct and enjoyable offering a magical experience, given this is a relatively undiscovered capital city.