Queer arguments against gay marriage

Arguments against gay marriage are frequently as incoherent as they are ridiculous. Thankfully, progress seems inevitable, and if that means a few daft old codgers are put out, so be it, writes Peter Sheehan.

Will Nick Clegg’s persistance be political suicide?

The Lib Dems need a new face if they are to win the next election. Nick Clegg is a reminder of betrayal, says Elliot Wengler.

Welcome to Westminster, twinned with Eton

The privileged backgrounds and high wages of MPs are excluding the essential working class voice Britain needs, argues Harry Edwards.

And why shouldn’t I eat a horse?

'I have very little respect for the people who eat any kind of meat, yet make a fuss at horses being eaten', says Jonnie Bicket.

India: time for equality and justice

The recent fatal gang rape in India has highlighted the country’s need to break free of its staunch conservatism. Justice, equality and change must come, says Livvy Brown.

Ukip: a party of free thinkers? Perhaps not

Ukip has sacrificed its own libertarian philosophy to appeal to a limited number of anti-equal marriage voters, says Rosie Yates.