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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Should China flush the family planning policy?

Rhian Poole questions China's policy on family planning and abortion, in light of the Baby 59 incident.

Intolerance reigns in Nigeria

Rhian Poole vehemently criticises the Nigerian government for their stance on homosexuality.

GCSE reform does not make the grade

Andrew Ansell criticises Michael Gove over the proposed reforms to GCSEs.

It’s time for Gove to go

Harry Edwards argues that it's time for Education Secretary, Michael Gove, to leave government due to incompetency.

How much should you know about your neighbour?

Jay Slayton-Joslin questions how much we should know about our neighbours following the finding of Amanda Barry in Cleveland.

Are Lads’ Mags an affront to gender equality?

The debate surrounding Lads' Mags rumbles on, as legal action has now been threatened by feminist groups across the UK.