India: time for equality and justice

The recent fatal gang rape case in India shows the country's urgent need for justice, equality and change, says Livvy Brown.

EU exit not necessarily an Atlanticist move

Caitlin Gray asks where David Cameron's interests are: with his party or with the country.

Can we trust the Tories on welfare?

20,000 Norwich residents will lose out as a result of the latest cap on benefits.

Why drug users shouldn’t be criminalised

The UK's drugs laws are failing. The government needs to either ban alcohol and tobacco, or legalise all drugs, says Callum Graham.

Newtown, but old rules are here to stay

Reflecting on the Newtown shooting, Alex George explains what needs to happen if Obama is to reform gun laws, and considers the probability of success.

My name is Britain, and I am an alcoholic

France has no precise word for “binge drinking”, Britain can’t seem to keep it together. Zoe Jones thinks we could do with some help.