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Is “Equal Pay Day” a myth?

Due to the gender pay-gap, British women are effectively working for free from November 10 onwards. According to figures released Friday from the Office...

Were the Union right to ban the burger van? – debate special

In light of the controversial news surrounding the banning of the burger van, Concrete hosts a debate on the subject.
Norfolk Church. Photo: Wikimedia, Oxyman

Local action is the best way to help refugees

If we have learnt anything from the recent migrant crisis, it is that we cannot rely on the international community to decide anything quickly....
clive lewis, Photo: Wikimedia, Kinversam

Jack Ashton commends Clive Lewis and Chloe Smith for their frugality

Luckily, Clive Lewis and Chloe Smiths'  expenses are overall rather boring. There are no moats for duck houses, no Jacuzzi fittings and no dodgy...

Sam McKinley looks into the repercussions of Syriza’s election victory in Greece

You’ll have noticed the electoral shockwaves coming out of Greece in the past couple of weeks, and big shockwaves they are, with the election...

Legal highs and the problems with synthetic drug manufacturing

Dian Atamyanov on the rise of the synthetic drug market.