No ifs, no buts, the NUS are nuts

The recent demonstration was confused, the government is inflexible and education will probably be neglected, says Zoe Jones.

The thick of Leveson

The battle for a fairer press has only just begun - but surely it can’t get any uglier, says Elliot Wengler.

Christmas: humbug to over-hype

Christmas is coming too soon each year, says Robert Staniforth. There other things to think about in October and November.

EU referendum? You must be joking

Britain is stronger with the EU and the EU is stronger with Britain, says Tim Rose.

Obama’s chance for radicalism

Tim Rose explains why Obama’s head start will give him the opportunity to be truly radical.

Israel, Palestine and the limits of self-defence

It’s both ignorant and offensive to label Israel’s treatment of Gaza “self-defence”. There is no hope of a peaceful outcome, says Oliver Balaam.