Cigarettes needn’t be concealed

Concealing cigarettes in shops will only make it easier for tobacco companies to compete.

The reshuffle omnishamble is not over yet

Cameron’s joke reshuffle just shows how out of touch and incompetent his government is

Younger Miliband won’t beat the ballot

Losses for the opposition and Labour's gains do not mean the party is likely to win the next general election. What's for certain is that the public are entirely fed up with politics.

A Titanic expenditure

An Australian billionaire is building an exact replica of the RMS Titanic 100 years after the ship sank.

Harder, better, faster, stronger

A new study has revealed that teenage girls feel too self-conscious to exercise because sweating is considered "unfeminine".

Banning The Pirate Bay: a futile gesture

The ban of the file sharing site The Pirate Bay is pointless and easily dodged. This kind of web censorship must be resisted, writes Tim Rose.