Human rights are fundamental, but we are negating them for Abu Qatada

Why does this government seem quite so desperate to dispense with the Human Rights Act when it is one of the most important pieces of legislation ever passed

Cash may buy access, but access does not result in policy

With the coalition government, and the Conservative party in particular, still reeling from the latest cash for access scandal, Joshua Resoun highlights a key misconception within the current debate.

When good social media goes bad

Twitter, the social networking site, has become ubiquitous. Facebook, despite a seeming decline in interest due to the ever-increasingly pervasive nature of its set up, has long been the same.

Lost in heterosexual translation

In past couple of weeks everything has been said, done, shouted, printed, declared and denied about the legalisation of gay marriage.

PIP case blows plastic surgery debate wide open

The spectrum from extreme vanity to temporarily dressing up your features is strung together by the desire to “have confidence”.

Agree to disagree

The rule of states, which can either be the rule of law or the rule of decree, is currently one of the greatest sources of suffering worldwide.